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 DateLectureReadings and DownloadsHomework
Part I: Matlab Overview
TFeb 5L01 - Computational Physics
L02 - Matlab and Matrices
Text by Spencer and Ware (S&W)
HW 1
Due: Feb 12
THFeb 7Matlab as a calculatorRead: S&W Chapter 1
Quick Reference Guide 1
TFeb 12L03 - SrciptsRead: S&W Chapter 2
Matlab Monkey Examples A00-A03
HW 2
Due: Feb 21
THFeb 14L04 - 2D Plots (Part 1)Read: S&W Chapter 5
Matlab Monkey Examples plot0-plot11
TFeb 192D Plots (cont.)Grading rubric
Quick Reference Guide 2
Quick Reference Guide 3
THFeb 212D Plots (cont.)
Read: S&W Chapter 7
TFeb 26for Loops
Read: S&W Chapter 4.1
Matlab Monkey Examples A04-A06
Due: March 7
THFeb 28Conditional Statements
Read: S&W Chapter 4.2
Matlab Monkey Examples A07-A10
TMar 5while Loops
THMar 7Anonymous FunctionsRead: S&W Chapter 7.1HW4
Due: March 14
TMar 12m-File FunctionsRead: S&W Chapter 7.2 and 7.3
THMar 14Recursive Functions
TMar 26Numerical Solutions to First Order ODEs
Euler Method
Read: S&W Chapter 9.1 & 9.2HW5
Due: April 4
THMar 28Euler's Method
Stability Analysis
TApr 2Constant Velocity Motion
Second Order ODEs
Euler Method
THApr 4Review
TApr 9Midterm Exam
THApr 11Numerical Solutions to First Order ODEs

Read: S&W Chapter 9.3HW 6
Due: April 23
TApr 16Lecture 12 - ODE part 2
ode45() Solver
ode code part1
THApr 18Open time for Homework
TApr 23ode45() solver with event handling
Lecture 13 - ODE events
Read: S&W Chapter 9.4
HW 7
Due: April 30
THApr 25Open time for Homework
TApr 30Lecture 14 Array Tricks
THMay 2Application: Black hole Ray Tracing
TMay 7

Partial Differential Equations
Diffusion Equation
Animation Code
THMay 9Monte Carlo Simulations
TMay 14Ising Model
THMay 16Chaos
TMay 21Lecture: creating video files
video_test code
THMay 23Final Presentations